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Helen Constance

Urgent Orders

We can accommodate brides with urgent deadlines, we have serviced brides with as little as 2 weeks to their wedding date. While we do not advise you to leave it till last minute, we can assist you in our HC Sydney Showroom. Please contact us immediately for your appointment. e: info@helenconstance.com

Initial Contact

Upon receiving your email enquiry or call, unless it's a long weekend holiday, we will usually call you within 48 hours. In our phone call with you, we try to learn more about your needs. We may ask you questions about your name, your style preference, your size, your location and your budget for your bridal gown. We use this information to prepare for your appointment. Having this information help us tailor a unique bridal dress shopping experience that is relevant to you. For example, we do not show you gowns that are out of your interests and price range, this will ensure that you and your loved ones have a smooth bridal dress shopping experience that is valuable and enjoyable.


Your Helen Constance bridal gown offers you a variety of features and benefits. Features such as fantastic fit, detailed hand-finished lace appliqués, excellent craftsmanship and flattering necklines are all part of your Helen Constance bridal dress style. You can enjoy confidence in knowing that you now own a piece of artfully decorated bridal gown that is meticulously hand-finished just for you. Helen Constance bridal dress styles are contemporary; offering you a modern look. Our aesthetic and brand image is a graceful balance of sensual and glamorous. Unlike other traditional bridal gowns, your Helen Constance gown begins with a modern aesthetic. Our necklines are artfully drawn to provide you with a perfect balance of comfort, support and, an effect of sensuality. Our garment construction methods are fashioned in the latest techniques inspired by current couture trends around the world. Our lace appliqués are hand finished. This means every piece of lace motif is decisively placed on your gown offering a striking aesthetic and beautifully hand finished employing artisanal sartorial methods. Each lace motif is ordered and cut for your order. There is no wastage. The fabrics, laces and trims on your Helen Constance bridal gowns are chosen to serve both functional and aesthetic intentions. Every fold, tuck, pleat and bead is placed to offer you particularities that are individual and intentional, making your finished garment unique and special.


When you contact us, we aim to provide you with a response to your query no later than 48 hours.



Your bridal dress style is priced according to the materials, labour, time, logistical, other service considerations involved in sourcing, pattern making, fabric dyeing, cutting, grading, draping, sewing, hand-beading, garment pressing, laundry, fitting hours, fabrication, beads, trims, construction methods, freight, duty and taxes, involved in the finish of your gown. All Helen Constance gowns are priced this way. Since we have many styles in our Helen Constance #mycouturestyle and Empress collections, you will find a variety of price points to suit your needs. The cost of your gown also reflects changes and additions you make to your gown order. We aim to provide you with pricing that reflects the value of the services and products that meets your needs. We keep pricing discussions transparent and straightforward to meet your needs. Helen Constance #mycouturestyle is priced from AUD$4000 up. Empress by Helen Constance is priced from AUD$9000 up. Helen Constance gowns are sold around Australia and New Zealand. Prices for HC wedding gowns vary in different territories. Pricing is set at the discretion of your local stockists and is informed by the freight and logistical costs, local tax laws and service costs involved. Prices provided over the phone serve as an approximate guide only. Every order is quoted individually and every bride is provided with a price based on your needs, circumstances, changes and additions. No orders are alike.


A typical bridal dress consult can take between 40 minutes to 1.5 hours depends on your needs and requests. Your first two appointments are free of charge.  After two appointments, if you still have not decided on a bridal dress design, we accept a fee of $110 per hour for servicing you. You are invited to attend your appointment with clean hands, feet and body with appropriate undergarment in nude colour. Please do not attend fitting with a spray tan, bronzers and excessive makeup or perfume and scents as these cosmetics will cause ivory gowns to discolour and soil. You are welcome to bring your own shoes at the height that you are comfortable wearing on your wedding day. Should you have any other requests, please let us know before you attend, this helps us prepare to meet your needs and expectations. The goal of the consultation is for us to get to know your needs and requirements. We aim to provide you and your family with a positive bridal dress shopping experience that is enjoyable. While you are in our care, we want to make sure we have answered all your questions and provide you with excellent service. Whether you buy an HC gown or not, is entirely up to you and your family.


At the HC Sydney showroom, we show you bridal gowns that are in your specified price range. We aim to provide you with a quote and highlight the breakdown in your order and costing after you demonstrate intent to purchase. The quote for your order is normally provided at the end of your appointment, however, if you have specific changes and additions to your gown order after your appointment, we need at least 48 hours to get back to you with an accurate price quote. Any quotes provided to you will be honoured within 24 hours of the initial offer. After 24 hours, we reserve the rights to withdraw our offer and if you wish to get a new quote for your order, you are welcome to contact us. For offers beyond 24 hours, we will provide you with a verbal agreement on a case by case basis. If you have yet to decide on a gown style to purchase, you are always welcome to make an appointment again to try the gown again or try other styles.

Style & Design

Helen Constance bridal gowns offer you style and function. From the construction of the support structure to the trims that we choose, your couture style offers you maximum aesthetic performance that is empathetic to your size and needs consideration. Your couture style is beautifully finished inside and out offering you both comfort and beautiful wear.


We pride ourselves on having sophisticated bridal dress designs that are sensual and glamorous. Our commitment to advanced research and development endeavours enable us to bring you the latest in designer bridal dress trends. For this reason, we do not allow photography of our couture styles in our showroom, unless authorised by our team members. If you wish to see Helen Constance bridal gowns online, you are welcome to visit our website www.helenconstance.com, under the main menu " Collections" or follow us on our Instagram. Our handle on instagram is @helenconstancebride. Our facebook @helenconstance.com also holds a large collection of galleries and images of our dress designs and real brides.

Lead Time

Often we get asks, how long do I have before I must put in my order? How long does it take to get a gown made up? This is what we call lead time . The lead time to complete a gown can vary between 6 months to 12 months. The reason why this varies so greatly is that we service brides and bridal stores from across Australia and New Zealand. Seasonal demands also influence the length of lead time to make your bridal gown. Wedding dress takes a long time to produce because they are hand finished and usually accompanied with changes. Beaded and embellished gowns along with custom-made gowns also take a long time to produce. Each bead has to be hand sewn, they are not machine sewn. When you multiply each unique orders with specified changes and hundreds of brides seeking orders you will start to form a clearer picture of why gowns take so long to make.

Another reason why you might like to organise and order your gown asap is because after the gown is complete you may need between 3 - 6 fittings to get the Helen Constance gown fit just right for you, this is because based on our experience most brides often experience fluctuation in weight as you get closer to your wedding. Even if you are not trying to lose weight, more often than not, brides drop weight due to excitement and stress from organising their wedding. It is not unusual for brides to drop two or three sizes from their initial dress order.


We welcome calls, emails and messages during office hours. After 7pm weekdays, your SMS /Facebook /Instagram /Whatsapp messages are usually read. We aim to provide a response the next day if it's urgent, if it's not urgent, we aim to provide you with a response 48 hours. This is because we use the time to find the answers to your questions and call you when an accurate response is available to address your requests.

HC Fit & HC Fit Premium

Contemporary bridal brand Helen Constance offers you a transparent bridal shopping experience that makes you the centre of the experience. HC Fit is a service product designed just for you to simplify your bridal dress shopping journey. For one flat fee, HC Fit provides you with the guarantee that you pay no more; for your consultation fees post-purchase of your bridal gown, your resize fitting time, resizing pertaining to the FIT of your gown, to ensure your HC bridal gown fits beautifully leading up to your wedding day. This product offers you peace of mind to ensure you and your family enjoy a stress-free bridal dress journey leading up to your wedding day. HC Fit & HC Fit Premium are sold in our Sydney showroom as separate service products. We reserve the rights to offer this service at our discretion. Unless otherwise specified, your gown order does not automatically come with HC Fit and HC fit premium. This service must be bought in along with your gown. You can also purchase an HC Bridal gown without buying the HC Fit and HC fit premium service product. When you do purchase an HC Bridal gown without HC Fit, we advise you to to find an expert to look after your fitting and gown customisations needs leading to your wedding day.

Eligibility for HC Fit

  • You may be eligible for HC Fit if you have bought or are buying an HC or Empress gown from our Helen Constance in our Sydney Showroom.

  • HC Fit is currently available from the Helen Constance showroom in Sydney only.

  • this product is suitable for you if you are concerned about your weight change and how the fluctuation in weight will impact upon the fit of your gown leading up to your wedding day.

  • this product is also suitable for you if you are pregnant at the time you are shopping for your bridal dress.

  • You may be eligible if you are on medication which causes your weight to fluctuate. Please discuss your needs with us.

  • We reserve the rights to offer this service at our discretion.

  • Gowns sold at our authorised stockists are not covered by HC Fit.

  • HC Fit is not an insurance product. 

  • Each HC Fit service you purchase is valid for one bridal product only. Please speak with us regarding your individual needs.

  • If you have bought your gown from HC Sydney Showroom before 1st June 2018, your order is automatically covered under the new HC Fit product offering.

  • From 1st November 2018, HC Fit Premium is available for sale. For one flat fee, we will include all HC Fit services plus a deluxe dry-clean service for your gown post wedding.

    Some examples of services that HC Fit covers include;

  • consultation fees for resize fittings.

  • adjusting length of hem front

  • Fit of gown (taking in and letting out of gown)

  • taking up shoulders

  • we can provide you an tax invoice at your request, please email us your request with your personal details (to be included in the invoice) before your final pick up.

  • adding bonings, bra cups or bra elastic

This product does not cover;

  • your veil cost and/or changes relating to your veil,

  • as well as any additional changes to your bridal gown that do not relate to the fit of the gown,

  • Any required changes and/or additions after deposit has been paid.

You are welcome to speak with us for your particular needs.

Some examples of changes HC Fit does not cover after deposit has been paid include,

  • change of neckline (e.g. from V-neck to sweet heart neckline) ,

  • change of trim, belt or veil trim

  • adding of sleeves post-purchase (e.g from 3/4 to full length or change a sleeveless gown to a gown with off the shoulder sleeves)

  • change from lined sleeves to sheer

  • change from sheer sleeves to lined sleeves

  • change of fabrications of your gown, sleeves, lining, bodice and garment structure

  • change of lace placements and or appliqués

  • The additions of beads and trims or removal beads and trims

  • change of train length (from 2.5 metres to 1.5m) or change train length from 2.5metres to 1.5 meters

  • change your gown, lace or lining colour from original sample colour to another colour

  • the designer dressing you on the day of your wedding at the location of your wedding (HC does not offer this service)

  • Adding or removing a bodice.

  • changing lace up to zip / changing zip to lace up at centre back

If you are other questions regarding HC Fit, please email or call us.

Wedding Day

When you buy your HC Wedding dress from HC Sydney Showroom. HC Fit offers you multiple fittings leading up to your wedding day. At these fittings, you are encouraged to voice your concerns regarding the fit of your gown. You are presented with ample opportunities to communicate your questions and avail us the opportunities to address these concerns for you and provide feedback. We will assist you with the fit and share with you tips on how to wear your gown and navigate yourself in the gown. We address all these concerns before your big day and at the final fitting, we offer you the opportunity to do a full dress rehearsal. This means all questions are addressed before you finally pick up your gown. By doing this, you will not need a designer to dress you on the day of your wedding. Helen Constance bridal does not offer this service.


Upon deciding the gown you wish to purchase, you are invited to sign the contract to solidify your order. Orders under $3000 must be paid in full. We offer credit card facilities should you need it. For orders over $4000, you are invited to pay a deposit of 60% of the quoted price for your order. The rest of 40% you can pay off on time. Usually, when your gown is near completion, you have the option to pay the rest of the 40% during your fittings before your final pick up.


When you attend your bridal appointments, we encourage you to bring your mum or someone you can trust. You are invited to bring no more than 3 people with you because when its more than one or two loved ones, the focus of the consultation will no longer be about you but on their needs and agendas. For this reason, we advise you to bring only one or two family members that you can trust and that you know have your best interests at heart.

Interstate & Overseas Customers

If you do not live in Sydney, you have two options. You can call your local wedding dress store and ask them to stock Helen Constance brand and ask them for the dress style name you are interested in.  Another option is you can fly to Sydney for your appointment with us. HC Showroom in Sydney is located 10-15 minutes drive from the Sydney Domestic and international airport. There is also a train station near by. There is parking outside our showroom. You are invited to make an appointment in advance to let us know you are coming so we can prepare for your private appointment.

Fabric swatch

After making a purchase of your bridal gown from HC Sydney Showroom, brides often ask us for a fabric swatch or a lace swatch of the gown. We are able to provide you with a swatch to assist you with colour matching for your shoes, accessories and bridesmaids dresses. You are welcome to let us know what you need, we will try our best to assist you with relevant fabric and lace swatch.


When you place an order for your gown at HC Sydney Showroom, you should ideally have an idea of how high your heel is. Even if you are planning to wear flat shoes, it would assist us during production to know the approximate heel height so we can provide you with adequate hem length for your wedding dress. You are welcome to ask for a swatch after you have committed to a gown purchase, to begin your shoe matching journey. Once you have purchased your shoes, you are encouraged to bring it with you to every fitting.


Please bring nude coloured undergarment or support structure garment (e.g. Spanx or related garments) when you attend your fittings, this should be the same type of undergarment that you plan to wear on your wedding day.

I am pregnant

We are very experienced with servicing brides that are pregnant. We are happy to assist you. Please contact us for an appointment now, E: info@helenconstance.com , we would love to learn more about your needs.

First Fitting

After a deposit has been placed and contract signed at HC Sydney Showroom, you will be notified when your gown is ready for the first fitting. We will stay in touch with you over phone, sms or email to organise your first fitting date and time. This normally takes place 4-6 months after you placed an order, if your wedding is urgent you will be notified earlier. You might be interested to learn that in order for us to be ready to offer you your first fitting, we have to make sure the gown is designed, and hand-finished ready for fitting, go through quality control, pressing, packing, shipping, customs clearance across numerous borders before they go through more quality checks and pressing. This is all done in preparation before we call for you to come in for a fitting.  So if you are still wondering why it takes so long for you to arrive at your first fitting?  In making a commitment to offer you your first fitting, we must navigate a variety of public holidays in different countries, manufacturing processes, multiple stage gates of quality checks , custom clearance traffic and congestion in the global network of freight, logistic along with your personal, family member's availabillity.

Gown Try On

In your bridal consultation at our HC Sydney Showroom, we take the time to learn about you. The more we learn about your lifestyle interests, needs and aesthetic preferences, we are able to offer you a tailored service that will resonate greater with you. Our experts will offer you a few suggestions on styles that will suit you. You are invited to try on four gowns. Brides tend to be confused and overwhelmed when they try on more than four dress styles in one appointment. This makes the bridal dress shopping experience stressful and unfulfilling. During the course of your consultation, you are encouraged to provide feedback. The feedback provides valuable insights for us to help you narrow down styles to finally arriving at THE Gown. Our extensive experience assisting countless brides will ensure you enjoy a positive bridal dress shopping experience. Come with an open mind, you will be delighted with the rich experience we are able to provide and help you find your dream gown.

Weight Loss

Weight fluctuations leading up to your wedding date is common. Even if you are not consciously trying to shape up for your wedding, the excitement and anxiety leading up to your big day may influence your dress size. Our wedding experts are confident to service you. You will be happy to know that when you purchase the HC Fit with your gown order at HC Sydney Showroom, you are guarantee for fantastic fit up to your wedding date. Learn more about HC Fit above.


Gown changes and customizations are available at HC Sydney showroom only. If you are shopping for your HC gowns at an authorized retailer store, you may apply for changes. Changes is at the discretion o the authorized stockist. After you paid your deposit and signed your bridal dress contract. All changes must be submitted in writing. Any changes or additions made after contract is signed and deposit is paid will incur additional charges. Charges are determined based on your requested additions and changes.

Gown Pick-Up

When you order a gown from HC Sydney Showroom, we ask that you inform us the expected delivery date and your wedding date. Wedding date in your function date. The expected delivery date is when you expect to finally pick up your wedding dress. Some brides request for an earlier expected delivery date. This is because they might be flying to another country to get married and need to depart two months before the actual function date. We work with you to ensure that your gown is delivered on your expected delivery date. If your function date has changed please kindly inform us asap. This will help us meet your new expectations.


When you have decided on your bridal dress style, you are invited to sign a contract. After contract signing, a deposit payment of 60% of the quote price of your wedding dress is expected to commence production. We will not be able to commence production unless this 60% is paid. Remaining 40% is due when you come in for your first fitting when your gown is near completion or finished. This is a negotiated process between HC and yourself. Long as you pay your gown off before your expected delivery date, we will honour our promise to deliver your gown on your expected delivery date. The transfer of ownership of the bridal gown will occur when you finish paying for the gown. The wedding dress remains the property of our company unless balance owing is paid up.


At HC Sydney showroom, we invite you to try on our high quality bridal dresses without fragrances, scents or odours. We reserve the rights to discontinue our service if we feel like your scents are too strong and will soil our garments. You are invited to make another appointment should you wish to attend your appointment with clean body and minimal scents.

Typical Experience

A typical bridal dress shopping experience with HC Sydney may include your email enquiry which leads to a 10 minutes phone call consultation with one of our wedding dress experts. The phone call help us learn more about you so we can prepare and tailor your shopping experience with us. You are invited to an obligation free consultation with an agreed date and time. We will follow up with an sms sent to you, with your appointment confirmation (date and time), with our contact details. On the day of the appointment, you are invited to meet with one of our expert. We will talk you through your choices and styles of interest follow by a fitting of a variety of bridal dress styles. You are invited to provide feedback on whether they suit your needs and discuss options for customizations and a break down of the cost involved if you so wish. This process help you understand what you are buying and what you are paying for. Through out the consultation, you are encouraged to ask lots of questions. If you wish to go ahead, you will be ask to stay present while we take your body measurements and photos. After this stage, you are invited to provide a deposit of 60% on the agreed price and confirm details of the gown order by signing a contract. This contract protects you and our company. It is a standard sales contract that describes both our responsibilities. After you have paid for your gown, and signed the contract, the appointment will conclude with a photograph of your family.  Within four to six months, you will be contacted by one of us to come in for your first bridal dress fitting. Read about what to expect in the first fitting above.

Why Buy HC?

Helen Constance #mycouturestyle offers you premium quality wedding dresses that are sensual and glamorous. Helen Constance offers you wedding dress designs that are creative and contemporary supported by the highest integrity in design aesthetic and a large collection of style options. Our large collection of bridal dress styles offer you a myriad of price points so you can look fantastic on your wedding day knowing your gown is great value for money. Our service proposition aim to deliver you excellent experience supported by our team of experts and artisans in couture and bridal designs. We demonstrate our commitment to your needs by curating your bridal dress shopping experience around your needs first. We are empathetic of your desires and family obligations to bring you a sensual and glamorous outcome that is also celebrated by your loved ones. 


The success of Helen Constance #mycouturestyle is supported by a strong system of stage-gates and quality checks. We treat each bride and family members like guests in our care. While you are in our care we try to look after you and your needs. Each experience is unique since no bride is alike. We have systems in place to double and triple check your order to ensure each bridal order is handle with the utmost respect for accuracy and privacy.  Our communication with you and your family form a feedback loop that help us better deliver the quality of your bridal experience. Any queries which you may have can be forwarded to us via sms, phone or email. Multiple stage-gates in quality checks help us stay on track and deliver bridal experiences and outcomes with confidence and consistency for our HC brides. We take this responsibility seriously since the continued success of the HC brand is dependent on the success of your wedding dress experience and the positive delivery of your bridal gown. Your open communication throughout the bridal dress journey will help us better address your needs or any questions which you may have.


When you purchase your gown at an authorised stockist your purchase contract is with the stockist that sold you your bridal gown. Any gown concerns you may have should be addressed by the store that sold you your gown. HC Sydney Showroom customer should address all concerns directly via phone, sms or email. An appointment is required to address your fit requirements. Check HC Fit above to learn more.

The HELEN COnstance Pledge

Whether you are a bride or our valued partner, while you are in our care, we aim to provide you a positive experience that is guided by the following principles;

Creativity & Innovation - Helen Constance and team work tirelessly to bring you designs that are sensual, glamorous and contemporary. We believe our innovative designs and creativity form the cornerstone of our brand promise. We aim to bring you high quality designs and beautiful bridal dress styles that not only offers you variety but also helps you express your own individual style. We also aim to implement creativity to assist you in problem solving during your journey with us.

Transparency – Before, during, and after your decision making journey, we aim to speak plainly and conduct your experience with us in a transparent manner. This helps manage expectations and illustrate responsibilities for all parties involved.

Integrity – Our actions with all stakeholders are guided by integrity and fairness. We aim to treat all our partners and brides, equally and conduct your experience with us with integrity.

Respect – Helen Constance and Team pledge to deliver valuable experiences that are respectful of your needs and wishes. Guided by respect, we aim to co-create positive outcomes that are mutually beneficial. 

Commitment – When you choose to work with Helen Constance, we are committed to deliver what we promise, arriving at a positive outcome that will delight you and all stakeholders involved.